Is there a way to integrate results from Katalon to Azure DevOps

Right now we only see manual results, I’d like to show the full scope our test effort for the sprints including Katalon Automation with out having to hack together a report outside of Azure DevOps. Does anyone have insight into this? Thanks in advance!


+1 This is something that will definitely be helpful and would be great to get ideas around this.


To be more specific, Katalon test results to Azure DevOps Test Results?

We are looking specifically to have Katalon mark test pass/fail in Azure DevOps. Taking it a step further, opening a bug in ADO on a fail would be great as well.


Hi, any answer on above queries?

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If any one get the solution of above quarry, please share step and any doc to related to this.

This would be very helpful and we are trying to figure out a way to do this as well. Hopefully they will continue to develop out the Katalon & Azure DevOps integration.

I have a full featured integration going with the exception of using the Test area in Azure. I can upload JUnit XML results, but can’t organize and trigger tests in the Test area of Azure.

Any chance we could see some results or tips please? Would be very interested to see what can be done. Cheers

I don’t know if this might be helpful for people, but I made this console app you can run after your test suites are done executing and it will upload a test run based on the katalon report files:

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HI jeanie,

I am using that command/program to generate pass/test results in Azure DevOps. My issue is that the title of the report shown in the Charts tab in Azure DevOps is always the same, see below. How can we dynamically have the title of the report changed for each regression run? Eg: Portal 5.6, Portal 5.7, etc.
At the moment it will always show the same title. Note that this title was manually changed.

Hi All,

From version 8.0.0, Azure DevOps (ADO) - Test Plans natively integrate with Katalon Studio. See the detailed document here. The document also mentions how to resolve your concern by Mapping test cases between Katalon Studio and Azure DevOps. Please give it a try and tell us your experience.

Also, you can refer to the 8.0.0 release note and what’s new to get acquainted with our new features and enhancement.


@Shin - I’ve made a very short demo for my team, showing an ADO test plan being updated after executing a Katalon test suite. So far it all works great! Thanks