KS integration with Azure devops Test plan not working


I am new to Katalon Studio and I am trying to do the integration with Azure Devops Testplan. I have followed all the steps that are provided online but after the testsuite execution, test results are not updated. Also there is no error on the event logs related to the integration.

Event logs are

For real-time monitoring and better reporting capabilities please integrate this project with Katalon TestOps (more details at https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-analytics/docs/integration-with-katalon-studio.html#enable-integration)
Preparing integration report for Katalon TestOps
Done preparing integration report for Katalon TestOps
Preparing integration report for Azure
Done preparing integration report for Azure
Preparing integration report for qTest
Done preparing integration report for qTest
Uploading report to Katalon TestOps...
Start sending test result to Katalon TestOps
Uploading log files of test suite collection
Sending file: Sending file: MyPATH\Login\20240226_111321\execution.properties
Sending file: MyPATH\Login\20240226_111321\execution.uuid
Sending file: MyPATH\Login\20240226_111321\execution0.log
Sending file: MyPATH\Login\20240226_111321\JUnit_Report.xml
Sending file: MyPATH\Login\20240226_111321\testCaseBinding
Sending file: MyPATH\Login\20240226_111321\tsc_id.txt
Sending file: MyPATH\Demo TestSuite Collection\20240226_111320\20240226_111320.rp
Sending file: MyPATH\Demo TestSuite Collection\20240226_111320\JUnit_Report.xml
Katalon TestOps: Start uploading report to Katalon TestOps server: https://testops.katalon.io
Katalon TestOps - Execution URL: https://testops.katalon.io/from-ks/execution-result?teamId=1368643&projectId=1388394&id=24590595
End sending to Katalon TestOps
Report has been sent to Katalon TestOps
Uploading report to Azure...
Report has been sent to Azure
Uploading report to qTest...
Report has been sent to qTest

I am using full access PAT and all the integration is correct. Could anyone help me to fix this?


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Can you please explain more about what you mean

as from the log, I see the results are sent to all of them

Hi @Elly_Tran, To be more precised I attach also the screen shots
The problem is that the configuration for the Azure Devops integration is done, I can see the project of ADO and Testplan in the Katalon studio

The problem is when I run the execution from the Katalon studio, no test run is present in the Azure devops and the test result also not updated upon Pass or Fail