Basic reports location when run on Azure Agents


Hi Everyone.,
I am running my Katalon tests using Azure pipelines.The tests are successful, but i do not see the reports generated. I had added the apiKey, but still nothing found. I do not know if i am checking the wrong place. Can someone please help me with this?
Shyju John


The issue is resolved. I see the reports generated under the Artifacts. I had to publish the reports and that worked.
Shyju John


Hi, I am also having the problem in publishing the test results to Azure pipeline. The test results are generated on the agent machine but not being published to Azure pipeline. Can you please let me know what steps you performed to solve the reports issue.


I added the below steps and the reports were published.

  • publish: D:/a/1/s/Reports
    artifact: Reports

Thanks and Regards,
Shyju John


Thank you for the reply. Issue was solved.


I am getting the same issue…Can you please share me the screenshot…I am using Publish test report plugin in Azure devops.