Basic reports location when run on Azure Agents

Hi Everyone.,
I am running my Katalon tests using Azure pipelines.The tests are successful, but i do not see the reports generated. I had added the apiKey, but still nothing found. I do not know if i am checking the wrong place. Can someone please help me with this?
Shyju John

The issue is resolved. I see the reports generated under the Artifacts. I had to publish the reports and that worked.
Shyju John

Hi, I am also having the problem in publishing the test results to Azure pipeline. The test results are generated on the agent machine but not being published to Azure pipeline. Can you please let me know what steps you performed to solve the reports issue.

I added the below steps and the reports were published.

  • publish: D:/a/1/s/Reports
    artifact: Reports

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Shyju John

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Thank you for the reply. Issue was solved.

I am getting the same issue…Can you please share me the screenshot…I am using Publish test report plugin in Azure devops.

Hey Shyju_John & @kazurayam
please share step by step implemented katalon result report on devops, Thanks in advance

Sorry I can’t. I do not know anything about Azure.

Hi All,

FYI, from version 8.0.0, Azure DevOps (ADO) - Test Plans can natively integrate with Katalon Studio. See the detailed document here.

Also, you can refer to the 8.0.0 release note and what’s new to get acquainted with our new features and enhancement.


Hi @v-mpatidar,

Your concern is covered in the detailed document about the integration with Azure DevOps here. Though it’s maybe a late response, I hope this helps.


Hi all! I am having the same issue.WHen I run the Azure pipeline, it runs successfully. But in the logs KatalonTask logs there is no mention that the report was uploaded. And i do not see the report in Azure DevOps. I have followed the Katalon integration with Azure DevOps document diligently. Is there something i need to add to the execute command in the pipeline? Or something that needs change in Azure DevOps? I am out of ideas. Please help. Thanks