Katalon with Xray Test Management

Trying to find a bit more information regarding the integration of Katalon and Xray Test Management. From checking the forum there isn’t much talk about anyone working with Xray and Katalon together. I’d appreciate if anyone can share their experiences or point me the right direction.

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going to follow this thread :slight_smile: i used the trial a couple of months ago when basic report plugin was first introduced. Whilst it did successfully link to the JIRA issues after some difficulty it just gave the tests a separate katalon execution status and did not pass or fail the XRAY test status so had to do this manually. We didn’t sign up after the trial in order to wait for some updates and see if any others had a better experience.

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Any luck anyone with this?

Hi @Katalon_Store @devalex88 @ThanhTo

Could you please respond regarding Katalon–> Xray integration.

Thanks in advance.

anyone manage to get any luck with this since oct-dec? Will be looking into Katalon in more detail with recent versions and would like to integrate test execution results with test in XRAY test management for JIRA. Thanks

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We want to have this integration Xray with Katalon.
Please respond if we managed to do it.
Thank you,

Hi Stefan, No luck from our side yet, please update us if you get any further also. Thanks!


Xray enables to import execution results via its REST api. You can fnd more information here:

It supports different format, so you could either:

  • Use the Junit xml file already produced by Katalon to import results to xray
  • Create a script to produce your own report based on Katalon TestLogs and on the format of your choice

First possibility is pretty straigthforward, just post the xml to your Xray api after test suite completion
Second one requires more work but you have better control on the result imported (add screenshot and such)


Just starting the analysis of Katalon integration with Xray now as we are already using the latter and are currently exploring options to integrate automated testing with it.

We are seeing Katalon as a nice-to-have integrated service so if we do decide to proceed I’ll update on the thread with some of the details.

Also though, if anyone else has already done this and wants to provide their own feedback feel free!

@Katalon_team @katalon3 Any ideas on how to integrate?