Can Katalon work with Selenium 4?


Katalon 7.X is still using Selenium 3. Would Katalon work with Selenium 4 (changing the libs)?
What jars will work?

Thanks in advance


Katalon offically supports Selenium v3 meanwhile Selenium 4 is still in alpha.

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Hey @spr2019

I’m glad to let you know Katalon Studio version 8.2.1.alpha upgrading to Selenium version 4.1.0 and Appium Java Client version 8.0.0-beta is now available.

Download it from our GitHub Repo. You can refer to our blog for the top features of Selenium 4 to look into.

Happy Testing


Hi Jass, Do you have information when will there be an official release of katalon upgrading to selenium version 4

Hi @ducanhnguyeniuh

We’re tentatively planning to ship Selenium 4 in Q3 releases. I’m wondering if this plan has any impacts on your team. Can you tell me more in private chat? Much appreciated.


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Hi @Jass
I sent you a message, looking forward to your reply.

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