Is it possible to setup Katalon Analytics locally?


@mattias.norin sorry if the discussion deviated a bit, nobody intended to offend you, therefore the emoticons.
as for the topic subject … yeah, agreed, local KA will be nice to have (altough i still stay strong on my position, GDPR is not an valid argument on this matter)
but i hope you realise usualy such features are provided per/cost … will see if katalon team has the intention to offer this product also as part of the enterprise plan … or even free.
in the meantime you can try to search for alternate solutions as i sugested.
report centralization should not stop you to use or not to use a tool, that is the final part in the testing pipeline.
there are plenty similar options ‘in the wild’, some of them free, some paid. or build a custom solution


any update


Hello everyone,

We plan to release the on-premises Katalon TestOps (Katalon Analytics).

Meanwhile, stay tuned!



thanks for the news!


It should to be


The on-premise version has been released. If you want to try it, please contact



Is it possible to install it localy ?