Is anyone able to access ""?

I’m trying to sign in with Katalon Recorder, but when it takes me to, it results in a forwarding loop until I end up on a page with the following error: HTTP Status 400 – Bad Request


Can you please try to clear all the cookies? Https:// failling to load? What happened? - #3 by chase.small

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can able to access

Hello arvingonz - did you ever manage to successfully get into ?

The reason I ask is that I am having the same initial problem that you had.
When trying to sign-on to from Katalon Recorder (like when uploading logs etc) all I get is looping with many URL redirects for about 2 minutes and then it times out with a " HTTP Status 400 – Bad Request" message.
Another error shown at the same time says “redirect url is invalid because its size is too big. Max size is 4096”.

This has been happening for the last 4 days, and happens using both Chrome and FireFox browers, and clearing cache & cookies (as recommended as a fix in a different post) doesn’t appear to help. Even a complete clean re-boot makes no difference.

So at this point I just give up, meaning that the last 4 days of log analytics are not available for analysis and not very useful for assessment of the tool unfortunately.

If you manage to get login to work successfully, please share the steps you followed or any browser changes that you made.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @dgoode,

Thanks for sharing with us. We have our technical team looked into the issue now. I will get you updated.


The problem with KR analytics now has been fixed. Can you guys please give it a try and let us know whether it works? Thank you!

Thank you Vu & Elly & Team for your fast response of the KR fix - much appreciated.

Logon and upload to Analytics - and view of Test Runs in Analytics - is now working perfectly - thanks!

For future reference, is there any bypass that we could perform on the User-side to restore the functionality? or is this something that could be solved from the Server-side?

Many thanks again - best regards, Dave.


This fix is from our side so that users do not have to perform any actions. Thank you for letting us know this problem and it has been fixed now.