Katalon recorder pass log into katalon analytics error

Please log in to Katalon Analytics (Beta) first and try again .

I log in my katalon analytics accont i dont now what to do .

This error is in Katalon Studio?

katalon recorder

Hello @andrepe,

In Katalon Recorder I have the same problem.

My Report

@andrepe @walemos This issue has been fixed. Please try again and let me know.

Hi @devalex88, we have been experiencing the same issue, and it appears to be still unresolved for us at the moment.

The workflow giving us the issue is:

  1. Open the Katalon Recorder 3.9.2 chrome extension.
  2. Run test suite.
  3. Click the green cloud with the upwards pointing arrow marked “Reports” (In the top right of the log box).
  4. Dialog box with the following message appears:

Please log in to Katalon Analytics (Beta) first and try again.

You can register a completely free account at https://www.katalon.com.

Katalon Analytics helps you manage automation results as you test it manually and generate quality, performance and flakiness reports to improve your confidence in evaluating the test results. Katalon Analytics supports both Katalon Studio (one of the top 10 test automation solutions) and Katalon Recorder.

Learn more about Katalon Analytics (Beta).

  1. Click the Katalon Analytics (Beta) link
  2. https://analytics.katalon.com/home opens. I can see our organizations, teams and projects.

I am assuming this means that I am logged in properly but Katalon is not picking this up and uploading the report.

Hopefully this is helpful to you.