Introduction to Desktop App Testing

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Would be perfect if supported Server 2012

How would/should this handle a separate login screen that opens a desktop app?


yes, i feel the same… i could not find a way to automate desktop app in this katalon 7.0

Hi @Jessica_Mosley1,

Katalon Studio supports Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 and later.

I am using katalon studio 7.1.0
But I didn’t see the recorder or spy button for windows application.

The images to guide you through this are not showing. Please address.



Hi, I am using latest version of Katalon Studio 7.2.3 but i didn’t see spy/record options for windows desktop applications.

You have to create a project before

Is it Possible to Automate Adobe Indesign(2019), because we are not able to locate any element for this application.

Hi,I just have one question,how to use katalon test the desktop app packaged with electron tool?

hey, I too have the same question, I want to do testing of ElectronJS in Katalon. Did you find any solution?

What is the project type for desktop application?

Hello @ppppacchan

Please create a project with Web or Generic type!


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I’m using katalon studio 7.6.x .i don’t see the option for adding custom keyword in for desktop app. For my app menu item is identified in spy but if add click item in record. it fails to identify.

No sure y. Is there way to add custom keyword.

Hello @chandan.kumar

Please follow this document for using custom keywords.



Actually i followed the steps mentioned in the document for creating a custom keyword. For Web and others by default the tool generates the example keywords. But when it comes to desktop App its plain editor. User needs to write everything . I would expect atleast an example to start with for new user like me to automation world.

Actually i have an application that gets recorded using click events. When i execute the script , the click is happening on a different element but not on the intended one. But test step says its pass. Dnt know how this is possible.
Please see the link where i have raised a issue

As the object is not clicking on intended one. im trying to see whether i need to generate a new keywrod.

Hi @duyluong, is there any way I can check the compatibility matrix for desktop testing? Like which excel/macro version is compatible and so on… This is because last month it was working fine in my machine where i can run testing on macro/excel. but only recently i update the chrome browser (i dont know if it’s related to this or other thing), but now i cant run the test anymore . the error was “Currently selected window has been closed (WARNING: The server did not provide any stacktrace information)”.

im using windows 10, katalon 7.5.11 free version, winappdriver activated.

please give reference of pre-requisite or compatibility matrix before I can start the desktop testing using macro/excel application… thank you

Can anyone please help me with the technology stack of Desktop testing in Katalon Studio? I wanted to know the technology on which it is built.