[Integration Katalon with GenRocket] GitHub Actions pipeline to trigger the test suite

Hello Team,

I have successfully integrated Katalon with GenRocket on my local machine. However, I’m encountering difficulties when attempting to run the test suite via the pipeline (GitHub actions)

2023-12-15 07:13:53.884 DEBUG testcase.GenRocket-CreateUser - 6: api.scenarioLoad(GenRocketScenario)


165******** License Checking started…


16707:13:54.348 [main] ERROR com.genRocket.cli.LicenseChecker -

168 An Error Has Occurred While Attempting to Run the Scenario!

169 Could not find the required profile: GRxxxxxxProfile.grp. This file belongs to URL: https://app.genrocket.com and should exist in this location on your local machine: C:\Users\runneradmin.genrocket.

170 The profile can be downloaded from the GenRocket web platform and then placed into your HOME directory. Once finished, you should be able to run the Scenario.

“even though adding the grp profile in local machine still I am facing same issue, can anyone help on this.”


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Thank you for your post. I found this Accelerate Test Automation With Katalon and GenRocket and https://genrocket.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/19000013240-windows-how-do-i-download-and-set-up-my-profile-grp-. Please try to follow this. In the meanwhile, I will check on it

As well, have you tried this suggestion?