Installing the Team Foundation Server Plug-in for Katalon...?

Hi Team, Team Foundation Server (TFS) Plug-in is available for Eclipse.

Katalon IDE is built on Eclipse. So, should there be an option to integrate TFS & Katalon…?



There is no option to integrate TFS & Katalon. You can do it manually using console mode execution to utilize it. I can write a guide if you really need to know

Thanks Vinh Nguyen. Please share the guide, that would be of great help.

Ah forget, will share asap

Please see attached file :), please note that is is just a general guide.

Integrate VSO (or TFS).docx

I have tried that, but from VSTS not working, it is staring Katalon but not scripts. Please help me on this.

Same here! I got an error after the creation of build.



It’s working, but it seems to leave Katalon.exe running and any browsers (ex: chrome.exe) running in the background when it’s done. Is there a way to stop them automatically? Also, the browser isn’t displayed when the tests are running so the video log is just a blank/black. Is it running headless? Is there an way to make the browser display? Or at least get a video log? Thanks.

I realized the “-noExit” option needed to be removed from my command line; the processes stop now. Still working on the video log…

Hi I am thinking of using katalon studio for automation but we are using TFS . will Katalon studio work on TFS as I have been reading mixed reviews please suggest

Hello, I have the same scenario that James quoted here, do you have a solution?

It works with TFS for me. I run a powershell script passing in the $testServerName, $PassWord, etc.

$command=‘c: & CD C: \Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-5.5
& .\katalon.exe -noSplash
-runMode=console -projectPath=“C:\BAuto.prj” -retry=0
-testSuitePath=“Test Suites/Run Stage Tests”
-executionProfile=“Stage” -browserType=“Chrome”’

$cmd = "CMD.EXE /c "+$command

[string][ValidateNotNullOrEmpty()]$passwd = $PassWord

$secpasswd = ConvertTo-SecureString -String $passwd
-AsPlainText -Force

$myCredential = New-Object
System.Management.Automation.PSCredential ($UserName, $secpasswd)

Invoke-WmiMethod -class Win32_process -name Create
-ArgumentList $cmd -ComputerName $testServerName -Credential $myCredential

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Thanks Butler appreciate your help.

James said:

Thanks Butler appreciate your help.

Did you get a report emailed when running this way? Also, it seems to run headless, so you get a blank video log, eh?

The -summaryReport option worked for mailing.


Anyone has tried to run Mobile automation test cases using TFS ? Did anyone face any issues while executing mobile test cases using TFS?

Hi Vinh Nguyen,

Is there any way to integrate Katalon studio with TFS to be used as a master repository and share across teams like it has for Git ? Is there any way to implement it ?

I want to implement this tool but only impediment is we need to integrate with TFS.

Thanks in advance for your support.

@Zarashima @Jhonex
I’m having the same issue - able to run the katalon scripts, however on VSTS build getting error ‘Cmd.exe exited with code ‘1’.’ and build job ‘kalaton.exe’ is not finishing.

Error Details:

Build Details: