How does Katalon run tests on Jenkins

So we are in the process of choosing an automation tool. The solution we were looking at prior to Katalon was denied due to the fact that the Jenkins plug just established a connection between Jenkins and a physical machine that is running the tool.

How does Katalon’s CI/CD setup work with Jenkins? Do you need a physical machine to be running Katalon Studio to execute your tests? We just want to mitigate the risk of that machine failing etc.

to run katalo tests in jenkins you have two options:

  • use the jenkins plugin - this will download the runtime engine on the executor
  • use the docker image

where are executed, it depends on your jenkins setup. the executor can be the jenkins master himself or a dedicated agent (physical machine or VM).
see the docs:

Install the plugin. Go to project Configure > Build > Add build step > Execute Katalon Studio Tests. Provide the desired Katalon Studio version and command arguments. Save the configuration.