Installing WebDriverAgent

When trying to install the WebDriverAgent i receive the following error

The following build commands failed:

Ld /usr/local/lib/node_modules/appium/node_modules/appium-webdriveragent/build/Release-iphoneos/WebDriverAgentLib.framework/WebDriverAgentLib normal (in target ‘WebDriverAgentLib’ from project ‘WebDriverAgent’)

(1 failure)

Failed to run the installation step: “Building WebDriverAgentLib…”.
Command: "xcodebuild build -target WebDriverAgentLib -destination generic/platform=iOS

Do you have a solution for this error?

Thank you


Which Katalon version, Appium and xcode version are you using?

i am using

Katalon Studio PE - Version 8.5.5
Xcode 14.2 - Build version 14C18
Appium 2.0.0-beta.56
swift-driver version: 1.62.15 Apple Swift version 5.7.2 (swiftlang- clang-1400.0.29.51)

Thank you and BR

Even i am facing the same issue.I could not proceed.I need to submit a POC to the leadership and subscribe to katalon.Kindly help.

any updates?


Sorry for late response. Do you keep error log? Can you provide it as I cannot see the error in your des?