Install webdriver agent for IOS devicces

I am trying to install Webdriveragent but I can not find my Developer identities.
I have logged in to xcode and generated certificate and Profiles. When I go back to Katalon studio to install Webdriver agent it throws this error. Curious to know How to solve this issue?


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Hi Hitesh, :wave:

Welcome to Katalon Community.

I found an article on our Support portal which may be able to help you with your issue below :point_down:

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Hey Albert,

Thank you for your reply, It did solve my issue and was able to proceed forward.

Although as I started Installing webdriver agent it throwed me an error.
“failed to run installation command”

I am not sure which way to proceed from here, I have downgraded my appium to 1.22.2 from 2.* as I know 2.* is not supported. iOS simulators on katalon are executing with 1.22.2.

I was reading this thread about similar issue, but could not get far.

Xcode version : Version 14.3.1
Katalon Studio: 8.6.8
Appium: 1.22.2

I would appreciate help!

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Tagging @Elly_Tran who may be able to provide more support.

As it is currently the weekend, replies to your topic may be slower than usual.

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