Failed to build WebDriverAgentLib on XCode


First of all, I recently discovered Katalon Studio for my auto tests on mobile and I am very impressed with this great tool.

However, I encounter a problem with the launch of the WebDriver Agent build.

I followed step by step the process described here:

I Initialized my WebAgent project on Xcode, checked the settings, The terminal command succeed

Here you can see the content of the folder “Cartage”

So far so good :wink:

BUT when I try to build webdriveragentlib on an IOS device, I have this error message

Pls let me know if you have any solution.

Katalon version 7.7.0

xcode version 12.0

Appium version 1.18.3

NB: I know there is already a topic on this problem but I haven’t found a solution and it’s 2 years old.

Best regards,

Hi @miloud.assri,

I think you should reinstall Appium by using:

npm uninstall -g appium
npm install -g appium

and install Webdriveragent agin

Please follow the steps in this video: