Running an individual tests overrides a Test Suite results

When a user runs a Test Suite… and then runs a singular test anytime after that, the results for the test Suite gets erased and updated with the individual test run.
This was not like that before and it’s really impacting my job.


  1. Run a test Suite
  2. after it’s completed and you get the results in katalon, run a single test
  3. go back to the results for the Test Suite

How would your work be affected if this issue has not been resolved?

  1. I can continue my job, but my performance is lower than expected and it is an extreme pain point!

Operating System

Windows 10

Katalon Studio Version

  • 8.0.5
    build: 208
    (but it was introduced on the previous release before the above)

Hi @ashraf.madina,

Thanks for reaching out. Please help record steps to reproduce this issue, information on expected & actual results for a better investigation.


well, I thought i provided the clear steps…but let me attach an image that might explain it better.

  1. In the pic, I am on the results tab of the test suite… which had several tests that passed and some failed.

  2. but the results on the test suite tab is not reflecting the results correctly.

  3. Instead, the results are from another single test that was run.
    so my test results for the Suite has disappeared and now it’s overridden by another test that was ran after that.

In the pic, i’m looking for the test results of my Test Suite, but I’m given the result for a single test case I did after that.

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