Incompatibility issue

Hi All,
Katalon studio frequently throws me out suddenly in the middle of the project and when i try to sign in it says you have incompatibility issue with the package even though i have the correct version installed.

Please show us the screenshot of the error log. Detail information required.


I have no idea. I will pass this to @vu.tran

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I get the same issue too! Would be interested to know what the outcome to this question is, as I am unable to continue with the tool until this is rectified. Also when you download the platform edition it says I need to integrate with GIT, but I don’t want to…is there a way around this? Thanks

One option is to use the older version ( <= 8.4.x) and stay with it in future. You can download the previous versions.

Hi @cagri.selcuk and @ucztt, this is a known issue. You can check the solution here. And our team is resolving it in the next release. Thank you.

Thanks! I’ve managed to sort it now :slight_smile:

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the resolution for your issue: This package is incompatible with your license | Katalon Docs