Importing selenium scripts to Katalon Studio


I have already created regression test suite with Selenium Webdriver using Cucumber(BDD framework) and Java. Now I have a requirement to migrate everything to katalon studio.

Please provide your input whether it is possible or not? If yes, then how?


I am not a Katalon Expert but I saw this post which might be helpful

Yes, it is possible. The amount of labor will really depend on how you’ve structured your tests in Cucumber, and how closely that structure matches Katalon’s structure already. In either case, Katalon is primarily a Java/Groovy based tool, so any scripts/utilities that you’ve written using Cucumber can be migrated without too much tweaking.

Is there any useful link, doc or any video you can share related to this.

There’s no formal approach to this that I know of, so I doubt it. A lot of it will have to be done manually. There’s certainly no built in utility to do it.


  1. Is there any way i can create Java classes under “scripts” section, as shown below for groovyimage

You can, but the better way is to use “Custom Keywords”:

All of your Java code is automatically valid Groovy code, so you should be able to migrate all of your classes with very little tweaking.