Importing Selenium IDE fails. App just hangs

Every time I attempt to import a .side file from Selenium IDE, the app freezes and I have to stop the process in Task Manager. I understand this is beta functionality, but has anyone else experienced this behavior?

Can we see your import statement please? possible a screenshot of the that part of the test. I’m curious if you are getting errors. Also a little confused because you said script from Selenium IDE. Depending on the import statement you’d be importing from a library of some sort right?

I’m using the Import Selenium IDE Scripts (Beta) option in Katalon Studio. Once I select the .side file, it just hangs.


Ohhh, gotca. I thought you meant like import at the top of a test case. I’m sorry but I have not tried this feature yet :frowning:


In addition to importing Selenium/TestNG/JUnit projects into Katalon Studio, from version 7.5.10 onwards, you can also import a Selenium IDE project for execution with Katalon Studio.

Download 7.5.10 here.


  • Katalon Studio version 7.5.10 onwards
  • An active Katalon Studio Enterprise license