Selenium imported test case failure


First of all I would like to thank you allfor your work on selenium IDE import feature. It’s great. And with Katalon Recorder, it will be great. So I hope you will continue to integrate these tools together.
But I encounter an issue, though. Running an imported test case, I got this message :
FAILED because (of) com.thoughtworks.selenium.SeleniumException: no protocol
And because it’s a Selenium test case, I did not get as much logs as wan.
Any clue?


Do you still have issue with the newer versions of Katalon Recorder and import the recorded script to Katalon Studio?

Hi ,
I am getting a error "import com.thoughtworks.selenium.Selenium) when i am trying to execute the selenium script in Katalon studio.
Surprisingly this works fine in katalon recorder.

Any one came across this issue?

Hi Ranjan I am also getting this issue. I tried commenting out the import line but still doesn’t help.
I’m using:

Katalon Studio

Version: 5.7.1

Build: 1

@Trong Bui please give some guidance. Thank you!

Figured out my problem. I had removed `WebUI.openBrowser(‘’)`. Adding it back, the script runs.

Now fails during the playback with this error:

10-31-2018 10:03:56 AM - [ERROR] - Test Cases/Imported from Selenium IDE Scripts/creatLead-Selenium FAILED because (of) (Stack trace: com.thoughtworks.selenium.SeleniumException: Session ID is null. Using WebDriver after calling quit()?

Any ideas?

We have the same issue. I am using Katalon Studio 6.1.5