IE Recording - Cancel button of SSL cert selection window automatically selected after Navigate URL by Object Spy and Recorder

In IE , When the site has 2 way SSL and SSL Cert selection window pops up in IE, Both Object Spy and Recorder automatically clicks the “Cancel” button of the SSL selection screen. As the certificate is not selected SSL handshake fails with authentication error. Same thing happens with Playback also. But in case of playback after Navigate URL, if we say acceptAlert , then “OK” button get selected and atleat the first cert in the list is selected. It appears that after navigation if their is alert box of any type the tool is doing the “cancel” action. This is creating problem and is a showstopper for IE with 2 way SSL. Pls. note that in enterprise most of the application will be with 2 way SSL . Request you to address this issue along with this as its part of the same issue

@Alice @ThanhTo @devalex88 - Please look at this issue also when you are working on IE Recorder and Object Spy. Without this issue resolved, we cannot proceed even if you resolve the Recording problem as SSL handshake breaks

@Alice @ThanhTo @devalex88 - can you please let me know if this issue can be also addressed with IE recording issue. As we will not be able to proceed without SSL handshake.

Thanks for all your support