Many Problem with IERecorder

Hello everyone,
I am having many problems writing a test for a site which, unfortunately, only works with internet explorer 11.
the main problem is that it does not record the actions: as soon as you enter the site, a dialog appears with 2 radio buttons and a confirmation button.
the katalon web recorder does not see the popup and consequently does not see the actions, moreover from that moment on whatever it does is not recorded.
I tried, out of desperation, to use other browsers (edge and chrome) and they see the popup and record it but then the site goes into error because it is not optimized for those browsers.
unfortunately the site is very badly written, div, ul are used and almost everything is managed by css, obviously I can’t ask the customer to rewrite all the code …

Has this ever happened to you?

  • Katalon Studio Version: 7.9.1
  • OS Version: windows 10 pro
  • Browser Version: IE 11

Steps to Reproduce:

Expected behavior:


I.E is the worst browser for automation and development. Isn’t I.E. being deprecated - not sure why your company still using it.

Have you tried switching to frame or index to capture that? You can try doing it manually? like inspecting elements and adding the element attribute to katalon?