Kobiton Integration *** PLEASE HELP ***

We had the Kobiton Integration on the 2 week trial, they went ahead and extended our 2week trial and gave us more access for a full POC… However the trial stopped working in Katalon, I tried to remove/re-add the plugin but when I go to install the plug in it is not allowing me to install the trial again and forcing me to the Kataon Purchase a license to page to purchase another subscription I already have.

Please help.

This is all I see now…

When I click on subscribe it takes to me to the page to purchase another KSE license, I already have several annual KSE licenses.

Hi @shahin.fard,

Please download the plugin package in the Katalon Store (you can find the package in the changelog section of the plugin). Then put the .jar file to the Plugins folder with the following structure:



 |___ platform

         |___ IDE plugin 1.jar

         |___ IDE plugin 2.jar

         |___ ....

         |___ IDE plugin n.jar

 |___ Custom keyword plugin 1.jar

 |___ Custom keyword plugin 2.jar

 |___ ...

 |___ Custom keyword plugin n.jar

After that, reload to use the plugin.

Thank you.

@Beo what is the file path to get to that specified plugin folder? It look like I have several plugin folders nested both in the application and in the project its self. None of which have a Platform Folder

Hi @shahin.fard

There should be a Plugins folder at the top-level of the project. Inside that you can create a platform folder and put IDE plugins in there.

If you look at the screenshot that you provided, on the right side there is a field Type with value Katalon Studio Plugin which means it’s an IDE plugin.

Thank you that worked, now to figure out why its soooo slow compared to other device farms lol

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