I don't see .HAR file in the reports



I am no longer able to see .HAR file in my report.

Can you please let me know if it’s deprecated in the 5.10 version? or Do i miss any settings?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Teferi_Kassa,
Please set “Use Mob Browser Proxy” to true to receive HAR file in the report


Hi @Loan_Tran thanks for your reply.
I guess it’s not working for me then.
I don’t see .HAR file in the report folder.



Hi @Teferi_Kassa,
Can you run your test case/test suite again and take a look in Console tab for the .HAR files location. One more thing, no .HAR file generated if running Web Service object.

The configuration “User Mob Browser Proxy” will be changed a little bit in near future with more meaningful text ‘Disable BrowserMob Proxy’ and default ‘unchecked’ status. It means you always receive .HAR files by default until you set the ‘Disable BrowserMob Proxy’ checkbox to false. I’ll let you know when this change released.


Hi @Teferi_Kassa,
The change has just been released in latest version 5.10.1. The “Disable BrowserMob proxy” checkbox will replace “Use Mob Browser Proxy” with unchecked status by default. If you don’t wanna receive HAR file anymore, set it to true.