How to disable har file generation in Katalon Studio 6.1?

hello, I am just trying out KS6.1, previously using KS5.2.
I want to know how to disable har file genration; my rest test sends thousands and millions of requests so I don’t want thousands and million of har files in my system; the system will become unusable with many files.

this documentation link discusses logging configuration but nothing about how to turn off har file.


Also what is annoying is switching/launching 6.1 then 5.2 and vice versa, KS ask me to activate again each and every time, even though I have done it already for each version!

@ai_test, to disable har file generation, please go to Preferences > Proxy and check Disable BrowserMob proxy.

@huynguyen how can we disable it at container level ??

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hi @huynguyen,

how can we disable it at container level ??

Thank you

Hi @Dino,
Unfortunately, we cannot disable it at container level.

Hi everyone,

We updated this and from v8.2.0 you can disable Har file generation with WS keywords, find out more in the release note