Disable MobBrowserProxy for execution in console mode

I need to disable MobBrowserProxy when executing suite in Jenkins.
I took a look in this question already: I don't see .HAR file in the reports . It works nice, but only locally. I also tried to replace com.kms.katalon.execution.prefs in Jenkins and also tried to execute RunConfiguration.getProxyInformation().setDisableMobBrowserProxy(true) at the beginning of my test - no luck.

Thank you for help.

Hi @alex.klyuchnikov,
Please go to Preferences > Proxy and then select Disable BrowserMob proxy.

@huynguyen Hello, and thank you for your attention and your response.
Unfortunately execution is going in Jenkins using Docker images from official Katalon repository. I can’t change this setting.

The fix for that was to execute:
String proxyConfig = RunConfiguration.getExecutionGeneralProperties().get(StringConstants.CONF_PROPERTY_PROXY) proxyConfig = proxyConfig.replace('"disableMobBrowserProxy":false', '"disableMobBrowserProxy":true')

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