I do not see True Test Beta in my org settings

I installed Katalon Trial version( 30 days) ( Note: Login to Katalon is of my collegues and github login is mine. Not sure if that matters)
I want to explore True Test and see how it works
In TestOps- created org and project . Am the org owner
I also connected the script github repository and that was successful



I found that you should be the owner to see truetest Beta: TrueTest Configuration (Beta) is not available for me in the Organization setup page in TestOps - #3 by nghi.hua.

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Hi Elly,

I’ve been following up with Mittal in this thread


Hi @Mpattani,

The energy from our beta community has been electrifying! ️We’re stoked about the changes we’re cooking up based on all the awesome feedback we received so far.

In order to dedicate the appropriate level of attention to each of our beta users, we’re having to delay your onboarding into the TrueTest Beta Program.

Thanks a bunch for your interest in TrueTest.

Stay tuned for further announcement when the Beta program is reopened.



Thanks for your response.
Can you tell me when will the Beta reopen again?

Also I have a question,

I have 30 day trial for Katalon and if my True test Beta gets approved , will that also have 30 day trial and expire with Katalon?

You can see my response here