I do not see Katalon Execution Result label in JIRA

I want to see the Katalon Execution Result label in my dashboard of JIRA, but I can not. How I enable or show it? I send the screenshots of my issues’ dashboard for to show does not exist.

MyJira_1 (2).png

MyJira_2 (2).png


Hi Octavio, I’m having the same issue. Did you resolve it?

You need to install JIRA addon and follow instructions from this page:

I don’t see the field either something is missing in the installation

Have you installed the add-on successfully? Its add-on should be installed successfully and setup setups should be done properly so that you can see execution results

Yes I did, I see the custom field also. in Jira, I can also generate test case from Jira inside Katalon. The only thing missing is the Katalon Execution Results in Jira.

You need to execute your test suite in order to push execution results to your JIRA, then it will be shown.

OK, found it. I did the first installation of Jira and attachment was not enabled. That cause the issue. Now it works when I execute the test suite ! Thanks maybe you should just make a note in installation documentation about it.

run tests in katalon to send the results of the execution to jira, and nothing that I can see the result tag of Katalon on my JIRA board, what could I do?

I have installed the Katalon BDD add-on successfully but in my jira server i don’t see the ‘Katalon Execution Result’ Box.