View Test Results on Jira

Hello Community,

as I am evaluating, if Katalon is the tool we would like to use for the test automation in our company, I am trying to find out how I could see the Test Results on Jira. I followed step by step the documentation on this page
What I could not follow was the section “View Test Result on Jira”:
After you have successfully integrated test cases ==> What does integrate test cases means exactly?,
test execution results will be automatically created in the associated Jira ticket. ==> Do I need for this something else within my Jira? How does the TC from Katalon Studio appear in Jira?
Review the status and attachments of Katalon Studio test cases right inside Jira. ==> I suppose when there is a TC in Jira somehow connected with Katalon than it would be possible, but how does it work exactly?

Could you please help me with it, thanks a lot in advance and I wish you a nice day