Possible but with Analytics Integration

Hello Team,

I have encountered a possible bug with Katalon and Katalon Analytics integration. It may be because of the reason that reports are now shown in a separate tab in Test Suite.

  • I executed a test suite for Profile “Dev-CA” and execution was successful but reports didn’t get uploaded. The Katalon Analytics was not showing any report but Katalon Studio was showing status as done.

  • I then executed the same test suite with a different profile “Dev-US”, the execution was successful but reports didn’t get uploaded because of Java heap error.

I fixed the error by following a post on Katalon forum and after that, I went to result tab in the same test suite and manually uploaded the result using Upload to Katalon Analytics option. The upload was successful but now Katalon Analytics is showing both results merged into one execution which is wrong. It is showing the results are from “Dev-US”