HTTP Body section is slow and unrepsonsive

Has anybody else noticed that when entering text into the HTTP Body section in the Web Service Request object, the application tends to hang and will not input text or allow changes for several seconds at a time? It seems as though the keyboard/entry buffer is very slow and commands sent to this window only happen, if at all, several seconds later? This is very frustrating and makes entering and editing text extremely tedious. Is this a bug or just something on my machine? All other parts of Katalon seem to be working fine.

p.s. I upgraded to version 5.6.0 yesterday

When I first load up Katalon this doesn’t seem to be a problem. The longer I work on my project, the worse it starts to get. At this point, closing down Katalon and reopening the project seems to help, but not for long. Has no one else experienced this issue?

Anybody? This is getting so bad I cannot even enter text. My machine details are below. Strangely, it is only this small part of Katalon that is not working, all other features work fine and are perfectly responsive

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 10.53.40.png

Anybody? I am also now seeing an issue where the entire body of text is not displaying at all. However, when I run my test, the test passes as if the HTTP body is there?!?