How to set a delay after each testscript execution

Hello, i have a test suite comprising 20 testcases. I want to add a delay of 30 secs after each testcase execution. Is there a away to do that via the test suite configuration or any other simple means?

You can use WebUI.delay(seconds) for it.

you can set the delay using the above keyword using the @AfterTestCase listener:

Hello @kazurayam, this is a screenshot of testcases in my testsuite:

What i want is that after the execution of testcase 1, there should be a delay of 30 secs before the next tese case start execute.

You can use Test Listener, @AfterTestCase annotated method

class NewTestListener {
	def sampleAfterTestCase(TestCaseContext testCaseContext) {

In my test suite i have configure this :

When executing, i found this:

@kazurayam @bionel, i need your help.

@kazurayam, @bionel, it works :slight_smile: there was a class missing in the testsuite and correct it with Ctrl+Shift+O :smiley:

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