Project setting Web UI execution delay time / speed for more than 0 sec is incorrect

Hello guys,

Here’s the summary of issue,

## Operating System: Windows 10

## Katalon Studio Version: Version: 5.9.1 Build: 2

## Environment (for Web testing): built in chrome driver

## Steps to reproduce

1. Go to Project> Settings > Execution > Delay between actions (in seconds)

2. Add value on that field (for example 1 or 2)

## Expected Behavior:

It should be exact 1 sec delay per step or 2 sec per step, depend on the value that I fill.

## Actual Behavior

The delay is more than expected time.

## Description:

I found an issue with Web UI execution delay time.

When I was performing the execution delay time with “0” second, it work really fast without delay (as expected). But the problem is, if I set the delay time to more than “0”, it become too slow.

For example, I set the delay time with “1” second, the delay be like 3 seconds (and this also found on the log report). Moreover with delay “2” second, it become 4 secs or more.

I’m pretty sure that I make the correct step to adjust the step by going to:

Project> Settings > Execution > Delay between actions (in seconds), and add value there.

If possible, I would like to suggest / recommend to make the time unit become ms / miliseconds. Because sometimes, there are some condition that maybe only need half second to continue to the next step.

I hope it will be updated soon, or if anyone have solution to me, let me know.

btw It’s my first post here, sorry if I’m wrong.


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Thank you for the report. The option is mainly for debugging or presentation purpose. Could you please share your use case so that we can prioritize this request better?

Sorry for my late reply,
The example condition is there are sometime, I also want to monitor the process. But the delay itself is too fast, or too slow (even I set to 1 sec, it’s not really 1 sec delay). Because the 0 sec is really have no delay, so it become too fast and I can’t even monitor it.