How to Record and Run Simple Tests

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How can i repeat aTest Case

Hi @natalirubens

You can simply create a Test Suite and then add multiple instances of the same test case. We have allowed duplicate test cases in a test suite in the latest version.

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Hi! Thanks for your swift reply. I have version 3.6.12. Is this the latest version?

Hi @natalirubens

Yes, it is the latest version of Katalon Recorder.

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#Thanh am finding it very difficult to LOOP just a simple Test Case to click a button for X times. I can not seem to find such functionality on the extension. By adding the same test case many times, it loads for a very long time and most time crashes. What can i do? is there a statement or condition for looping?

I’m trying to record from the “Record Web” of Katalon Studio using IE11 browser, but upon navigating to the next web page, the recording functionality seems to be not working (since the red box that highlights each objects in the page during recording is not displaying anymore).

I’m trying to capture the clicking of “New Price Agreement” button (highlighted in yellow) in the webpage shown in the screenshot below. But the red box is not displaying when I hover and click on my mouse on “New Price Agreement” button.

Could you please share some details, e.g. the Katalon Studio version are you using?

I’m currently using katalon 6.2.2 version

I also tried using then “Object Spy” but it only works on the first page of my application, when I navigate to the second page (as shown in the screenshot in my previous comment), the red box which signifies that the object can be captured is not being displayed. I can’t try this in other browser like Chrome since this application is designed for IE browser only.