How to recognise Real Android Device to KATALON on MAC (OSX)


I tried to Android Device Test with KATALON which is installed on MAC computer. The MAC recognise the 2 devices;

$ adb devices
List of devices attached
adb server version (32) doesn’t match this client (39); killing…

  • daemon started successfully *
    3204de9cc2968161 device
    99c0a0f1 device

but when I tried to add the devices with

KATALON -> Project -> Settings -> Execution -> Default -> Mobile -> Android

couldnot see the devices.

could you please help me on this issue.

Thank you.


I am using the lates Appium version 1.6.4

$ appium -v

Android device test starts to work after I closed and re-open KATALON. I think when I execute the adb command to check the devices, the adb server started and recognise devices.

Ps: I find out that devices selection via dropbox (clicking the blue arrow) on MAC doesnot work, I should navigate via keybord.

Thanks for fast feedback.

Hi there,

Have you followed this guide for mobile setup?

My device is displayed correctly on that settings. Can you please double check one round such as reconnect the device again, trust the device, etc…? Which appium version you are using?