How to manage app quality and test coverage better with Jira integration

In this tutorial, I’ll help you leverage the Jira integration feature of Katalon TestOps to connect business requirements to test automation artifacts and get the whole picture of your application quality and test coverage.

I’ll use my demo Jira instance at You can sign up for a free Jira instance to freely experiment with this feature.

1. Integrate Katalon Studio with Katalon TestOps.

I have a Katalon Studio project with test cases covering all Jira issues.

This Katalon Studio project has been integrated with Katalon TestOps.

2. Connect to Jira from Katalon TestOps

Navigate to Jira Settings and provide Jira username and API key.

To create a Jira API key, follow instructions at

3. Connect to Katalon TestOps from Jira

On Jira, navigate to Apps, search for Katalon Studio and TestOps integration, and install the app.

To connect a Jira project to a Katalon TestOps organization, visit the Project Settings page on Jira, and provide Katalon TestOps account and organization ID.

Organization ID can be found on Katalon TestOps Jira Settings page.

4. Link Test Cases to Jira Issues (Requirements)

Navigate to Test Cases and then click on the Test Case you want to link to Jira issues. These Jira issues will be considered as Requirements.

Type Jira ID into the Jira Requirements textbox and click the Link icon.

To view all linked Jira issues (or Requirements), navigate to Requirements. The view also shows the last status of each test case.

It is also possible to view all requirements linked to each test case by navigating to Test Cases.

5. Link Test Runs to Jira Issues (Defects)

Navigate to the Test Run page, and find the Jira Defects section on the right sidebar. Type Jira ID into the Jira Requirements textbox and click the Link icon.

You can review all defects linked to test runs by navigating to Defects.

We are also developing heat map and traceability reports to give overall views about the testing and application quality.

6. View Katalon TestOps data on Jira

Navigate to a Jira issue and select Linked Test Runs or Linked Test Cases.

7. View testing progress of a Jira Release

If a Jira Release has been linked to a Release on Katalon TestOps, you can also see the testing progress of that release on Jira.

For more details about the Release feature of Katalon TestOps, please see this tutorial.

8. Add testing progress to a Jira dashboard

The Jira app also provides a dashboard gadget that helps you quickly capture the current status of all test cases.

Thank you for all the feedback and suggestions for the features.

Happy testing!