Katalon Integration with qTest and JIRA


I use JIRA for Project / Requirement Management and would like to use qTest plugin in JIRA Cloud for managing my test cases. I would like to Integrate Katalon Studio and Test Ops with qTest via the JIRA Integration.

The following is my requirement:

  1. Create Test Cases in qTest
  2. Link them to the requirements in JIRA
  3. Import the created test cases into Katalon Studio to Automate them
  4. Create Test Suites by Sprints / Releases and run them according to the same in Katalon Studio
  5. Report and create defects / bugs in JIRA if test cases fail in Katalon Studio
  6. Pass / Fail test cases in qTest based on the status in Katalon Studio
  7. Manage all the reports in Test Ops

Can you tell me if I have both JIRA and qTest plugins in Katalon Studio and qTest Plugin in JIRA, would my requirement be achievable?