Is there a possibility to link JIRA issues to Katalon test cases without using Katalon TestOps?

Hi I really do not need any services KatalonTestOps offers, I just want to link Katalon Test Cases (as far as I know, this is only possible with Enterprise licence) to Jira Issues.
Is there any possibility to do that for MORE than 3 projects without paying for Katalon TestOps?

Hi @veroS, you can follow this documentation to configure your Jira integration with KSE.

I hope this helps.

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Dear @chen.lee ,
thank you very much for your quick reply.

I do know the documentation. It just says, what i mentioned above and what I need to avoid:
Katalon TestOps is required to use JIRA with KSE …

Is there any way to avoid this?

Hey @veroS, TestOps is optional.

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Tank you again. So then the Requirements-Notes at the top of the artikle are missleading:

That is more about the KS with TestOps embedded plugin installation on Jira from Atlassian Store.

You can still update the note note like ‘Optional: blah blah integration’ to make the documentation more clear