How to use Katalon TestOps Release to manage testing progress

Hi everyone,

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to leverage the Release feature in Katalon TestOps to better manage the testing progress.

In Katalon TestOps, you can group multiple Test Execution into Releases. The Release view offers many benefits:

  • Test Cases are usually data-driven, i.e. a single Test Case will be executed multiple times and produce multiple Test Runs in each Test Execution. Katalon TestOps will show their aggregate status, instead of multiple Test Runs discretely (corresponding to each data row). A Test Case is only marked as Passed if all of its Test Runs (corresponding to each data row) are Passed.
  • For projects with a large number of Test Cases, it’s not uncommon that all Test Cases are not executed together, but are split into multiple Test Executions. The Release view gives you a central place to look at all Test Cases’ status and Test Executions.
  • If the Katalon TestOps project has been integrated with a Jira project, Jira users can view the testing status on Jira UI. This provides a unified view of both coding and testing progress.

Integrate Katalon Studio with Katalon TestOps and submitting Test Results

Open Project Settings dialog from Project > Settings and connect the Katalon Studio project to a Katalon TestOPs project.

From now on, Test Execution results will be submitted and analyzed on Katalon TestOps.

Create a Release on Katalon TestOps and link it to Test Executions

On Katalon TestOps, navigate to the Releases section.

Click on Create Release, input the name, and click Create.

A new Release will be created.

We will link Test Executions to this Release in the next step. After that, you can view all Test Cases status and progress on the Release page.

Link Test Executions to the Release with Katalon Runtime Engine

To automatically link Test Executions to a Release with Katalon Runtime Engine, you can use the -testOpsReleaseId option.

Link Test Executions to the Release on Katalon TestOps

A Release can also be linked to a Test Execution from the result page.

Integrate with Jira Release

Please follow this article to integrate TestOps with Jira:

You can link Katalon TestOps Releases to Jira Releases and view the testing progress inside Jira Release page.

Thank you for all the feedback and suggestions for the features.

Happy testing!