How to integrate Web UI testing into API testing project?

Hello! I have a Katalon Studio API testing project. I now need to integrate Web UI tests into this project. When creating the project, I selected the API type of project. Now I realize that for some of my Web UI tests, I also need to call objects / test cases / test suites from my API testing project.

Of course I could create a Web UI project and select the Generic type of project which would fit both API and Web UI tests, then copy-paste all my API tests into it, but that doesn’t feel like a good practice.

Is there a way to integrate Web UI testing to my API testing project?

I will leave this topic open, since others might have the same question, but the solution is rather simple. I can simply click (from the Top bar) on Action → Record → Record Web and it creates a Web UI Test Case with the correct object repositories. I simply have to create folders to separate my Web UI Test Cases, Test Suites and Objects from the API ones.