How can we execute API and Web testing within same test suite collection

I have an issue to select web browser from test suite collection, Is there any solution for tester to run web and api testing together.

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When you create a new project, you are asked to specify which type of project you want: Web, API, Mobile, Desktop and Generic.

I checked the “Web” type project and found I can not create a Test Suite for API testing.

I checked the “API” type project and found I can not create a Test Suite for WebUI testing.

I guessed I want a project of “Generic” type to have Test Suites of API and WebUI together in a single Test Suite Collection. I tried to create a Generaic project but was rejected as follows:

I can not verify the Generic project as I don’t have the Enterprise license.


If you have a payed license, please chech the Generic project for yourself.


By this sentence, I suppose you are reffering to the fact that, when adding a testsuite to a testcollection, you cannot choose Web for the Runwith…
Well, altough this is true, API calls / testcases runs just fine with a certain browser profile.
This is how Katalon was made in previous versions up to 6.x if my memory is still good.
The Run with Webservice feature was introduced later.
Katalon will instantiate the driver under the hood but will be unused by pure webservice testcases.
So, for mixed projects, the Web type will also work if the user don’t have a licence.

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I agree with you.

I think that the “type” of Katalon Project concerns about the GUI configuration only. The runtime environment does not differentiate “WebUI” and “API”.

If @Paul_Fung does NOT use Katalon GUI menus at all and you write Test Case scripts in text editor completely, then the “type” of project does not matter much.

If @Paul_Fung want to use Katalon GUI menus, then the “type” matters because the menu displayed for “WebUI” project and “API” project is very different.

Up tto users preference

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The only missing with a WebUi project will be the buttons to create Request object in the top pannel, but the option is still present at right-click on the Object repository folder, if GUI is to be used.

see for example:

Webservice keywords are also available with manual view for testcases:

A more complicated use case will be to mix such with Windows Desktop testing or Mobile.
I suppose for that the Generic type was introduced (which i never tried since i don’t have a licence either) … but with a bit of digging solutions can be found.
I think there is another topic where combining Windows Desktop with WebUi is needed.

Same, i am using the free version

Can someone with paid license to confirm, or Katalon team can guide us how to proceed?

I found the documentation too generic, suppose to explain the details of each type and either free or license.

Well, yeah, the doc is pretty barebone …
Anyway, the hint is at:

Web, Mobile, Desktop: All standard features for Web, Mobile, API, and Desktop testing are available.

Those are ‘standard’ templates. Actually the layout for the UI did’nt changed much over the time since 6.x, only few buttons were added. What is the actual difference between them hard to say, I suppose is something under the hood to instantiate specific drivers for each type of testing (and perhaps enables specific ‘Spy’ buttons? I never used Desktop or Mobile, feel free to explore them)
For the rest, looks pretty the same.

API/Web Service: Exclusive features for API/Web Service Testing are enabled

This template add to the layout some specific buttons to create requests objects from various sources (and enables the Web Service option for Run With).
Anyway, the functionalities are also present in other templates with the workarounds I mentioned.

About free of licenced … as far as I know only the Generic type require a licence, is the only one complaining about when you attempt to create a project of this type, any other can be used with free version.

Katalon is like … Android UI. There is no such thing like ‘comprehensive documentation’. You learn it by exploring it :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

So can i conclude that in order to use the combination of “Run with” i must go for enterprise version?

Only if you want to use the Generic project type, but I see no reason for your use case.
As I mentioned, API testcases works just fine with any browser profile, Chrome, Firefox etc.
So just use the WebUI template and choose whatever available at ‘Run with’

LE: I assume, in the same project, you need to execute both WebUI and Webservice cases in a suite.
So, you need anyway the browser driver to be instantiated, otherwise using WebService the WebUI tetscases will fail.

If this is not the case and the suites for WebUI and WebService are completely separated … well, why don’t you split it across two different projects?