Possible to do API calls & Web Testing as part of the same test?

Hopefully a quick question, but I have a case where I want to:

  1. Do an API call to my application to check the status of something in my application’s account.
  2. Open up a Web Test to go into the UI and so I can change that status to something else.
  3. Do a 2nd API call to check the status and confirm that the change has been made.

I can see that Katalon allows for API tests, and Browser/Web tests, but can it allow for a combination of the two?


Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there are some wizards that that would also be able to help me out on this :wink:

Looking to complete a transaction in the client and then do t ‘GET’ and verify that the information orchestrated correctly. Any help would be appreciated! :smile:

Hi, the script mode works both Web testing and API calls. You would need to create your own Web Service object in the script mode

You can also use Katalon’s GUI to create Web service objects and then call them through keywords in test cases, whatever works for you.

Cheers !

Hi Thanh To, thanks a bunch for the info!

Would you by any chance have a guide for new users that use the GUI?

Hi, I’d recommend the tutorial ( which is a video ):

See if you can follow the instructions. There’s built-in keywords supporting sending requests, there are ways to create Web service objects from GUI, there are ways to add the keywords manually in GUI. You just need to piece them together.

Cheers !

i am looking to do the same thing. the link you gave is no longer there. is there a way to make an API call within a test that was recorded for the web?