How to integrate testcases from excel file to Test Cases in Katalon Studio

We’re already have a Testcase for automatically running based on Selenium. We’ve also converted to Testcase in Katalon from Excel files and also indentified a testcase ID for running by customized KeyWord .
For Example:
def static void executeTestCase(int testcaseID) {
bResult = true
BooleanAssert.isTrue(bResult, “Verify the condition”, FailureHandling.STOP_ON_FAILURE)
There’re a ton of Testcases, we can not manually add Testcase using the keyword above. Is there any solution for automatically adding TC by this way?

Hi @tuyenlm

Can you write the test case IDs into an excel file, then use Katalon Studio to read it and for every cell just call the above function ?

Cheers !

Yes, we’re already did it. Kindy check image attached below for more info:

So what is the problem you’re currently facing, can you clarify more ?

There’re many testcases, we can not manually add testcase to Test Cases folder in Katalon. Is there any solution for defined testcases in excel file to automatically generate to testcases in Test Cases folder by using keyword or testcase ID?