How to include the response of a request in the test report?


When I run a test case (and ultimately a test suite), I can’t seem to be able to look at the HTTP responses of the requests that were part of the test.

Of course I can verify the response code and know that the test failed because I got a 500 status code instead of the expected 200 or that some content of the response didn’t match the expected response.

But what if the API hands back more detailed information in the response body ( e.g. a JSON object with a list of errors)?

If I run the request object on its own I get the response in the window on the right side, but I havent found a way to get the same information on the test case or test suite layer.

I actually would like to include the responses in the test suite report as well because someone looking at the report will not only see that the test case failed but can take a look at the request and response involved as well and might get an immediate idea why the test failed.

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Hi @Dustin.Zimmermann

For the mean time, Katalon’s test report cannot be customized. However, as we are building the Katalon Platform, we think this capability to customize test report can be a plug-in. Please contribute your idea here:

For more information about Katalon Platform and Plug-in, view the following posts:

Regards !