Customize test suite reports

I’m doing API tests with Katalon and I need to customize the reports generated when running my test suites.

  1. I need the reports to contain the header and body of the http requests and responses of each run.
  2. Because I run each test case multiple times with different data from the excel file, I need to name each run dynamically according to the data in the run. (now I get a list of all the runs with the same test case name and its difficult to differentiate between them)

I’d be happy to get some help with that :slight_smile:

regarding 1 you can grab them from the request/response objects and use a ws.comment as a step to post themin the report.
for no.2 … i don’t think it is easy. i did that once by manualy editing some template file, but ‘on-the-fly’ i have no idea if is possible

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