API GET Request

I have noticed when running my API Tests that if I run the test from the object in Object Repo that it will give me the Response of the Request, if there is one. For instance one of them just returns me the version of a module and this is Displayed. However, whenever the API Test is part of a Test Case or Test Suite/Collection there is no Response indicated other than Success, which tells me really nothing other than that the Server Received the response and responded, but nothing stating what the response was.

Am I missing some code snippet I need to affix to the Test Case or something else altogether?

if you want to check content of response, you need to process it - probably parse and process parsed data with assert to check what was returned

Thanks for the quick reply, I am very new to automation and brand new to Katalon, so I’m not exactly sure how to process the Response and parse out the returned value to an export string. Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

JSONSlurper is an awesome class for parsing JSON in Groovy. Check it out - http://docs.groovy-lang.org/next/html/gapi/groovy/json/JsonSlurper.html

Thanks for the help!!

how to parse JSON was answered e.g. here