Can I see the Response while running a Test Suite on katalon studio?

I’m trying to use Katalon Studio for API Testing, earlier was using Postman. The thing is we need to create Screen cast of our execution. What I need is my responses to individual API’s to be on Top while i run a Test case or a complete Test Suite. Is there a way i can do that in Katalon. Thanks.

Hi @vivek165sharma

I don’t understand what you’re trying to do. Are you looking for a way to print out the responses as you execute the test suite ?

If so, take a look at the SendRequest keyword. It returns a ResponseObject, you can parse and print out the content if you like.

Cheers !

Sorry for not being clear with the exact requirement. Just the way I can see the exact JSON response everytime I run an Object Repository (Response Panel on the right side), I want the response to be visible on my screen for individual object repositories if I run a Test case or Test suite comprising of them. Can we somehow do that in Katalon? Thanks