How to get katalon floating license as a customer of node lock license


We Katalon Runtime Engine Node Locked license to a specific vm. We have decided to use Docker to run our katalon tests. I have these below questions on this:

  1. Can i run KRE with some licensing
  2. If so, then how to make docker containers to run with KRE floating license?
  3. Is there a limit to run containers with KRE?
  4. I want my katalon tests to run in multiple containers, so what is recommended? to use KRE inside containers or use Katalon Studio inside containers

Hi @shobith.vasudevan

Can you tell me if you already subscribe to KRE license or you’re using trial of KRE?

  • If you’re using a trial KRE, you’re trying out a floating KRE license by default.
  • If you’re already a subscriber, please contact Zendesk support so we can better assist you to change your subscription plan.

If you want to use Katalon Docker Image, you’re required to have a KRE floating license. To assess if floating or node-locked license is a good fit, read more here and license comparison.

Happy Testing

Thanks @Jass for the information.

Meanwhile, As i am new to Katalon, need to know how to reach Zendesk

Hi @shobith.vasudevan

Zendesk is accessible through Katalon page, Resource > Submit a ticket.