How to run katalon studio with docker compose?

Hi all,
I’m Katalon newbie, I want to run Katalon Studio with docker compose , would you please give me an example yml ?
How can I apply Free license to Katalon Studio container ?
How can I access Katalon Studio ? Did it support webui ?

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You cannot. Running in docker implies using KRE, which need a licence.

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Hi bionel, so if I have trial or purchased license , how can I apply license to Katalon Studio container ?

Same as you will do with KRE.
You provide the apiKey in the command option and will authenticate at runtime with your floating licence.
Please see:


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With Docker (therefore KRE) you don’t ‘access’ Katalon Studio.
You just run your projects on a headless machine/environment so KRE is required.
WebUI testing is supported, by two mechanisms:

  • either run your project with a headless browser profile (which i don’t recommend)
  • just run your project in a Docker container with any browser profile of choice. Internally the katalon run script wraps over xvfb and will emulate a 'Desktop" in memory so a ‘real’ browser will run just fine. you can tune the display size with the xvfb parammeters (please search the forum and docs on this, there are plenty examples)
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Please let me know whether my following understanding is correct or not
In my environment I have gitlab ce
I want to integrate katalon runtime engine with gitlab ci/cd according to the guide here GitLab Integration | Katalon Docs to be able to run ci job for automation testing, I need the following requirements:

  • 1 katalon account with trial or free or enterprise premium or ultimate license
  • Install kataton studio on my windows machine, create test suite or test suite collection
  • Get API Key from katalon studio or I can login to katalon website and get API Key from there
  • Use the API Key to put it into the gitlab ci job as instructed in the guide
    So I can run the gitlab ci automation test job ?
    Does Katalon support permanent free license (not 30 day trial), if so, how can I get this free license ?

‘Free licence’ is ambiguous.
Once your trial expire, you will go automatically on the free plan with your account.
So, you will not be able to use KRE (Katalon Runtime Engine) anymore since this require a licence (trial or paid) therefore you won’t be able to run with docker (which bakes KRE), but only to use Katalon Studio with limitations to the free features only.

The rest is correct.