How to download & install previous versions of Chromedriver.exe

For those times when you see a message similar to the following: “Chrome version must be between …”

If Chrome has updated to a Chromedriver.exe version that is not compatible with ‘Katalon Studio’ you may be able to recover by installing the latest Chromedriver.exe.


  • Shutdown ‘Katalon Studio’
  • Using any browser navigate to:
  • Wait for the page to load
  • Click the “Name” tab to sort Chromedriver releases
  • Download the latest version for your OS
  • Extract & copy Chromedriver.exe to the following folder:
  • Restart ‘Katalon Studio’
  • Execute any test case through Chrome

How would you do the same on macOS?

Sorry I don’t work with iOS, but I would do a file/folder search for Chromedriver.exe and then replace it.

No, you can’t search within the contents of application files.

However I have solved it (for anyone who has the same question):
go to ‘Applications’
right click ‘Katalon’ -> click ‘Show Package Contents’
then navigate through to eclipse\configuration\resources\drivers\chromedriver_mac

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Thanks for sharing Glen.

See this link for the latest ChromeDriver: